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Remember me?

It's strange for me to be so involved in the "real world." Even when I was little, I always invested myself in something less tangible, like the imaginary worlds of books or the internet that I let take over my life for the better part of 4 years...

But, I want a little bit of that virtual experience back in my life. So, I've started reading again and am trying to keep one eye peeking into the places I used to spend my time.

Ultimately, though, I don't have a lot of choice. I'm taking 18 credits, including 1 research credit, working at Tech Support, keeping engaged with UPhi, helping Nicole manage GSA so that it'll be easier for her to do it alone next semester, finding time to socialize like a normal college student and trying to balance the long-distance boyfriend through all of this. It's a busy time for me, but I love it. I like being totally immersed in the things around me.

So, for those who haven't been keeping up with me, this summer I moved out of my mom's house, had an incident with Border Patrol (ask me about it), was in two accidents, totaled my car once, worked at Papa John's, and negotiated my financial aid down to a point where I can pay the remaining balance after grants and aid to something my bank account can (barely) handle. There are other things too, like the "stripper delivery," and a certain addition to my increasing collection of body mods, but like the Border Patrol story, you'll have to ask.

All in all, everything is going great, although I am struggling to remember what I used to write here.


So, I'm in the red almost $2,800 thanks to car repairs and the hits just keep on coming!

Why do I feel like I'm running as fast as I can on a treadmill, but I'm still falling off?

That's really all there is to tell. I totaled my car. I fixed it. I've been in two accidents. One of them was my fault and the other one was this really funny fender bender.

I'm not really enjoying working at Papa John's. There are some cool guys who work there, but a lot of people are idiots or assholes.

Also, I have no internet really.

...That's all.
Basically, where we are in Delaware, we had to leave by 6:45 to get to graduation at 9:30. This is a hypothetical 30 minute buffer to only be used in the worst case scenarios- because let's face it ,you have to show up early. Moreover, my dad would be driving, not my grandmother, so we'd probably make it there considerably earlier than 9:30 if all goes well. So why am I sitting on the couch, all packed up, visibly impatient at 7:30 when we should have left 45 minutes before? I have no idea.

We finally leave a whole hour late. This sucks, but I figure we might make it, and just be a little late. No such luck, because we get into a fender bender on Route 24. No one was hurt, there is very little damage to our car (but a surprisingly large amount to the other lady's), but graduation plans pretty much ended there.

So, that's the not-so-grand reason I didn't make it to graduation. I'm sorry I missed it- I hope someone shouted "Legend!" when Chrissy walked across the stage.

You better all stay in touch- we'll miss you!


It's cold enough to snow outside right now. I can see my breath.

IT'S MAY! It's supposed to be practically summer by now!

The Solution to all my Problems

I should have never taken OChem and Multivariable simultaneously. Why?

-Because my lab partners in both classes ALWAYS screw me on the same week.
-Because nobody in either class respects me enough to let me study for the other test.
-Because I'm failing both classes because the tests are ALWAYS RIGHT AFTER EACHOTHER, without fail. OChem Thursdays, Calculus Fridays.

I fucking hate lab partners. Seriously. I have yet to have one who is consistently competent enough that I don't have to do everything AND who doesn't screw me over at the last minute.

EDIT: One of my lab partners bailed me out. YAY Jen! I feel a lot better now. I can study for OChem in peace, woo hoo!


So, I am officially way, way in over my head. Well, I have been in over my head for a very long time, but I am only now recognizing it.

Damn it.

Sorry Narnia...it's going to be awhile yet. :/

I was in such a good mood

...and then Wang happens.

Basically, my Spanish class was cancelled, so my midterm and paper aren't happening today.

Then Bio ended early.

And I managed to get about an hour of sleep before...

Wang wakes me up.

And tells me a half an hour before lab starts that he fucked up our results.

After he got them to me three days after our agreed deadline (Sunday), and never sent me any draft to look at except the first one from which to write a discussion.

So is he really surprised when I throw a stapler at him?

He shouldn't be.

I need a new lab partner. This is ridiculous.

It's not my fault he can't do his part of the assignment.

Happy 198th Birthday, Darwin!

Today is Darwin day. Unfortunately, I'm not able to celebrate in the traditional ways: eating fish (goldfish, swedish fish, catfish...) and listening to lectures by people blindingly brilliant. Instead, I am a direct wittness to the mechanisms of evolution at work: that FSM-awful stomach virus that continues the plague this college.

It could be worse.

Happy Birthday, Darwin.

Quick, evolve!
I haven't been this upset in a long time. Maybe it has something to do with my perpetual general exhaustion, but this was just so chilling to me...I can't even put into words how watching these people made me feel.

Follow the Link

Basically, the story is this: Paula Zahn does a segment about how two atheists families have suffered discrimination for their beliefs. She then discusses the issues with a stacked panel: A female, Jewish conservative hatemonger, an intolerant, black Christian woman and a black, Christian male.

Why did I include these details? I see JEWISH, I see FEMALE and I see BLACK and I think: You have historically suffered under the anchor of oppression. You have histories that would put you in positions of sympathy when you have the privilege to alleviate discrimination against others.

No. That's not the case. All three growl and snarl at the notion that these families have endured any persecution whatsoever, and the woman bark excessively about how this is a Christian nation and atheists should just accept their legally inferior status because that's the way it should be. If they don't like it, they should change their "bad marketing" and get some Hallmark cards. Yea, Hallmark cards. And oddly enough, only the man has anything to say for an atheists rights- he has the position of the ACLU: everyone is entitled to the first amendment, regardless of how inflammatory their beliefs are.

Well you know what? This was a white nation. Should black people have just accepted their legally imposed inferiority? What about when men dominated the country? Should woman have accepted it? Should minorities and women continue to accept their inferiority as CEOs? Chiefs of medicine? Doctors? Engineers? Scientists? Presidential candidates?

Oh, my bad, sorry: You don't think that atheists believe in anything, and therefore, you're entitled to make us feel less than human.

I'm putting CNN with Fox News on my "Do not watch for any reason," list.

First Weekend of Pledging.

I'm tired, but happy. Last night, Brandon and Wang were very confused by my unusually perky demeanor and I enjoyed deflecting their attempts to summon what they defined as my only other emotion: stress-anger.

Pledging has been a little bit more demanding than I anticipated, but nothing like what I am seeing around me, but with one caveat: Nicole and I are competing for the happiest sorority: KDK or UPhi? So, clearly, KDK are happy too. As for everyone else...I'll just keep my comments to myself.